Chinese astrology – chapter one – link to see your personal chart

You want to work with your chinese signs?

Than let’s have one thing for sure: your personality is not your year sign!

A big misunderstanding theme is that most of the media tell you are pig, ape, rooster and so on according to your year of birth. This year 2017 for example is a fire rooster, so everybody thinks ah! A fire rooster personality…

But this information is a bit superficial. And I am still irritated that there are so many books and articles based on this kind of scratching the surface of chinese astrology. I am a bit ashamed on the ones who earn money with that cause sadly it feeds more bad thinking about astrology and mediates a picture, that Bazi Suanming is easy work. This is not right. So better get the right start although it’s complicated.

So you might think you are a fire dragon and think mh, yes great or mh really?

The personality is built upon four so called pillars. You have four pillars with different elements and animal signs.

And the most important chinese sign is built from your DAY of birth. The daymaster. 

Second important thing is that the element (yin or yang) is the daymaster. So your daymaster is (yin or yang) fire, earth, metal, water or wood.

If you want to check the basically line of your chart go to for example:

The second pillar is your daymaster what is the first big goal if you want to enter the chinese astrology door which is worth it…so check if you have a yang wood or a yin water daymaster and so on (there are ten possibilities). And after nailing it take a break. (Or a KitKat.)

…and you might know it already…that’s the easy start of all 😜


The four pillars are based on:

…first pillar: hour

…2nd pillar: day

…3rd pillar: month

…4th pillar: year          Of your birthday…..


P.s. If You know what’s on the foto…You will have a ladygajabonus…wowie😎

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  1. got it ! finetune: use marks, get rid of double discriptions and eat your computer after reading this. oh wide world – an endless universe.

  2. You know I like your style of humor! Mh…double descriptions?
    I didn’t know the possibilities about eating computers! Is it a crunchy? Is life easier after? Any digestive problems? Oh yes endless…until we will have all the order to put our fingers in a socket to run faster, work more effective, all robotssss. Have a fine day planet marzipan!

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